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10 Questions for food blogger and cookbook author Miriam Sorrell
10 Questions for food blogger and cookbook author Miriam Sorrell
Malta-based Miriam Sorrell maintains a prolific and active presence online through her recipe innovation on her website, Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes. A popular website with hundreds of free recipes, MVR has a special affinity for sun-drenched Mediterranean flavors but can do it all, proving in recipe after recipe how vegan food is not a sacrifice but bursting with flavor and variety.

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(almost) eight examples of how today's vegans are spoiled rotten.

(Almost) Eight Examples of How Today's Vegans Are Spoiled Rotten (and why that's a good thing).
As I’ve certainly babbled on ad nauseum about on this blog, things are quite different from the perspective of being vegan today than it was in 1995 when I first went vegan. It is better in pretty much better in every way in so many categories of life. For example:

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