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10-Questions for Christopher-Sebastian McJetters
10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition for writer and speaker Christopher-Sebastian McJetters
Christopher-Sebastian is part verbal surgeon, part provocateur and the elegance of his dexterity leaves me in awe; he is also an entirely modern creation, a man who uses his fabulous brain, incredible communication skills and big ol’ heart on social platforms to help shift the world in a more just, compassionate, intersectional direction. He’s just the best. Seriously.
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A thank-you letter to Donald J. Trump

A Thank You Letter to Donald J. Trump
You have no idea what you did just by being horrible, Donald. Go you, I guess! You did what no one else has been able to do: you woke up the masses. It turns out you were just what we needed – vile, despicable and repugnant in every way – to see that our country and basic decency were at stake and that we really valued it. Your racist, misogynist, xenophobic, treasonous, autocratic ways were the fire we needed lit under us and now you have awakened a sleeping giant.
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10 Questions for April Lang

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition for psychotherapist and author April Lang
April Lang combines her understanding of vegan activism with her professional guidance skills, helping advocates develop effective strategies for protecting our psyches in this world that is often very uncaring about animals. From navigating relationships to managing your emotions when you see someone in fur to keeping it together when the people around you are eating flesh, April offers advice for co-existing while not suppressing your voice. 
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the Vegan Street Guide for New Vegans

Presenting the Vegan Street Guide for New Vegans
The latest Vegan Street Blog post describes our latest labor of love: The Vegan Street Guide for New Vegans, a comprehensive and fun guide to thriving through all of the challenges facing new vegans (and even people who have been vegan for a while), including how to find the best food, how to connect with a supportive community and how to talk about your new lifestyle with all the nonvegans in your life. There are also dozens of links to many of the best vegan sites on the Internet.
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