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10 Questions, Vegan Rocjkstar Edition for Collectively Free Co-founder Rafaella Ciavatta
10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition for the Co-Founder of Collectively Free,
I first saw Raffaella Ciavatta’s work when the animal rights organization she helped to found, Collectively Free, burst on the scene in 2014 with daring videos and actions that have garnered wide media attention. I was initially impressed by Collectively Free’s activism but I have been even more impressed as the grassroots organization has grown to become even more intersectional and encompassing as their work has matured. I am always looking forward to what I will see next from them.
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Beyond the Bubble Bath: Radical Self Compassion

Beyond the Bubble Bath: Cultivating a Practice of Radical Self-Compassion

10 Questions for Nicole Moore Eisenberg

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition for the Founder and Executive Director of VOAA Nicole Moore Eisenberg

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