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Remember when? (an essay by Marla Rose)
Remember When?
Remember when the death of one’s political career was being captured on tape yelling “yeehaw” in an awkward way? Not bragging about grabbing women without consent by their genitals, mind you. Yelling yeehaw.

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Daily and Weekly Resources for Activists.

Daily and Weekly Resources for Activists.
We are at a crossroads and what we decide right now - whether to be engaged citizens or passive spectators - will have broad implications in many lives and for generations to come. A lot of people want uncomplicated access to helping create change and there has never been an easier time for this than now. We have created this document to be an ongoing, updated list of resources for progressive activists with an emphasis on resources that offer weekly action items.
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The Raw Foods Name Generator

The Raw Foodist Name Generator
Don't anyone dare lecture me in the comments about the benefits of raw foods because I love me a salad and a juice as much as the next person and I know how nutritious they are. That's not what this is about. This is about having a little fun. Now, what is your raw foodist name?
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