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This baby calf was torn away from his mother...

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Marla reviews Ellen Jaffe Jones' Paleo Vegan Vegan Living: Time saving Efforts for a Healthy, Plant-Powered Kitchen

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A Primer on Not Offending Anyone on Social Media Ever

A Primer on Not Offending Anyone on Social Media Ever

Something I was completely naive about before social media entered my life is how very much there is to be offended by in the world. I‘ve learned that even seemingly innocuous topics have dark and potentially scarring underbellies. With this new awareness, it can be difficult to know what to share that won’t offend the people who see it. Last week, for example, I shared a seemingly anodyne link to a video of some unbelievably cute baby sloths - who could find something wrong with that? - forgetting that there is always, always something to fret about. 
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In Pain and Suffering We Are Al the Same
In Our Capacity to Suffer We Are All the Same
This one tooth abscess chiseled away at the core of my happiness. I have a life that is comfortable and where all my needs are met, where I am loved and have the amazing privilege of being able to make my own decisions, but the constant reminder of pain was enough to undermine everything else I have in my favor, which is considerable. Imagine how the animals - scared, confused, denied their freedom, surrounded by stench, noise, aggression, and suffering - imagine how they must feel?
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No More Sacrificial Lambs: Passover, Veganism, and the Search for a Spiritual Home

No More Sacrificial Lambs: Passover, Veganism, and the Search for a Spiritual Home
Being without a spiritual home at Passover each year, I feel something of a kinship with other castaways. The animals we eat, though most are far from roaming loose, are society’s ultimate castaways, facing something far worse than the lack of a spiritual home. Reading the Haggadah, reading of the abuse, persecution and liberation of the Israelites, it’s no wonder that I would grow up to feel very empathetic for the animals kept in servitude. Read the whole story

Emergency Supplementation Backup Kit

Some Things You Should Know About Vegans
Marla examines the dark painful side of veganism in a wy that can only be expressed on one day of the year.     Read more.

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