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DIY Chemical-Free Dryer Sheets
Things are about to get a whole lot less cute.

2 Potato Kugel

Marla reviews Ellen Jaffe Jones' Paleo Vegan Vegan Living: Time saving Efforts for a Healthy, Plant-Powered Kitchen

Marla's latest blog posts from Vegan Feminist Agitator

No More Sacrificial Lambs: Passover, Veganism, and the Search for a Spiritual Home

No More Sacrificial Lambs: Passover, Veganism, and the Search for a Spiritual Home
Being without a spiritual home at Passover each year, I feel something of a kinship with other castaways. The animals we eat, though most are far from roaming loose, are society’s ultimate castaways, facing something far worse than the lack of a spiritual home. Reading the Haggadah, reading of the abuse, persecution and liberation of the Israelites, it’s no wonder that I would grow up to feel very empathetic for the animals kept in servitude. Read the whole story

Emergency Supplementation Backup Kit

Some Things You Should Know About Vegans
Marla examines the dark painful side of veganism in a wy that can only be expressed on one day of the year.     Read more.

Telling me that I hurt you when I tried to kill you really hurt my feelings.

Ew! There's a Dead Chicken in My Chicken Soup: The Cognitive Dissonance of Disgust

You did realize that there were dead chicken pieces inside that can of soup when you bought it, right? I know that seeing that embryonic shape was not exactly what you were expecting but the other various chicken parts in the soup that you were going to feed your daughter were probably not much older than an embryo, most likely barely over six weeks of age when slaughtered. 
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Alice Walker
On Alice Walker and History as Destiny
Alice Walker, who once wrote very movingly of how humanity’s cold betrayal of the animals compelled her to stop consuming them, has resumed eating animals again. In an interview after the publication of her book of essays inspired by her life with her flock of backyard chickens, when the interviewer expressed surprise that she eats birds, Ms. Walker said, “I know, I know. It's a contradiction and I have been a vegan and I've been a vegetarian, but from time to time, I do eat chicken. I grew up on chicken and I accept that.” 
Read the whole story

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