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10 Questions for YouTube Chefs Coco and Lalal
10 Questions, Vegan Foodie Edition, for Cooking Show Hosts Coco and Lala

Coco Laud and YaLonda “Lala” Lolar Johnson are two hilarious friends from the Twin Cities who have known each other for 20 years but just started their fabulous cooking show, Keeping Up with Coco and Lala, in August of 2017. This is no boring cooking show, either: the time flies by as Coco and Lala keep us entertained with their warm, funny banter and obvious affection for each other. I love checking in with Coco and Lala, where a new live video streams from their Facebook page every Thursday at 1:30 CT.

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Instead of “Mmm…Bacon”: A Meat-Eaters Guide to Disarming Vegans with Honesty

Instead of “Mmm…Bacon”: A Meat-Eaters Guide to Disarming Vegans with Honesty

Meat defenders, you may have noticed that vegans are a little too quick to dismiss your objections to their objections these days. Because I’m in a generous mood, I’ll give you a little insider knowledge as to why: it’s because we have heard the same rationales, nonsensical platitudes and diversionary tactics over and over again, some of us for years. I know you think you’re super original but, yeah, we’ve heard it before. So instead of saying something that is going to make us roll our eyes, vent about you to our vegan friends and think you cannot create an original thought, why not try another strategy? Why not try honesty?

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10 Questions for author and activist Carol J Adams

10 Questions for Legendary Author and Acvtivist Carol J Adams.

I was — and remain — completely in awe at my good fortune to know Carol Adams and to consider her a friend. She has shaped my thinking and, as a mentor to so many these days, has helped to guide the vegan movement toward more thoughtfulness, honesty, inclusive compassion and anti-oppressive advocacy. Her insistence that a movement that looks the other way from oppression is in direct conflict with the vegan ethos and what she calls “the feminist ethic of care” is a vitally important reminder that veganism, at its heart, is a social justice movement and we should never lose sight of that.

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