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The Difference Between Niceness and Kindness (and why being nice matters)
The difference between niceness and kindness (and why being nice still matters).
One’s kindness is driven by an internal compass and it is rooted in compassion without much concern about either admiration or condemnation. In other words, one’s kindness is inwardly rooted. Niceness, in stark contrast, is externally driven and approval seeking; a prevailing idea is that a “nice” person is more concerned with conforming to accepted social norms than coming from a place of genuine kindness.
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10 Questions with Local Hero Bonnie Goodman

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar with Local Hero Bonnie Goodman
Bonnie is an ethical vegan in the town of Livingston, Montana, and she does her outreach – always infused with her playful sense of humor and welcoming spirit – in a community near Yellowstone National Park that is far from a vegan mecca. That hasn’t stopped her.
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On Honoring Where We Have Come From...
On Honoring Where We Have Come From and Being Excited about Where We Are Going
In her 30 years as a vegan, Lisa had seen veganism expand far beyond the fringes and be brought to a place at the table. She’d seen dairy-free ice creams dominate whole freezers at the grocery store and vegan cheeses finally begin to shed the shudder usually associated with them. She’d seen families raising vegan children and those children grow up to become articulate voices of compassion. She’d seen the rise of entrepreneurs, filmmakers, artists, educators, attorneys, food scientists, permaculturists, podcasters, chefs, designers and more – people coming from all backgrounds and disciplines – bringing their talents and skills to promoting vegan values and building on what was here before. This was what she loved. This infused her with excitement and optimism
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10 Questions for Farm Sanctuary's Gene Baur10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar with Farm Sanctuary's Gene Baur
Finding and rescuing a dying sheep named Hilda prompted Gene to co-found Farm Sanctuary in 1986, and, with it, he became an inspiration for and trailblazer of the farmed animal sanctuary movement. For this and more, Gene Baur is a vegan rockstar to know.
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Why Sanctuaries Matter
Why Sanctuaries Matter
At a sanctuary, it takes a moment to notice that we are feeling something different from our ordinary experience and that is when we notice in comparison how ill-at-ease we are as vegans when we are not in such an exceptional environment. There is no assault, nothing we need to move on from, nothing we need to avert our eyes from seeing. All individuals here have found a safe place to land. Our eyes can rest everywhere without a painful reminder of the violence that is so normalized elsewhere.
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10 Questions for Kristin Lajeunesse
10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar with Kristin Lajeunesse
With her innovative Will Travel For Vegan Food project that began on her fifth veganniversary in August, 2011, Kristin created the fantasy endeavor of so many wander-lusting herbivores: she traveled the country in an extended road trip that took her to 48 states and 547 restaurants – more than 39,000 miles – to sample vegan food from Alabama to Wyoming.
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10 Ten Signs You’re Grasping At Straws When Arguing With A Vegan…
Ten Signs that You’re Grasping at Straws When Arguing with a Vegan…
When you say that plants feel pain, you are grasping at straws. When you say that your ancestry or your ethnic background makes it necessary for you to eat animals, you are grasping at straws. When you say that you give thanks for the animals you eat, you are grasping at straws.
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10 Questions for The Meaty Truth co-author Amy-Lee Goodman
10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition with The Meaty Truth co-author Amy-Lee Goodman
Author Amy-Lee Goodman has dedicated her life to letting the world know about the myriad benefits of veganism as well as the shocking – but all too real – consequences of animal agribusiness to our health, the environment and billions of animals’ lives.  
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How to Honor All Mothers...

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition with Main Street Vegan Victoria Moran

The trouble is, you think you have time.

10 Questions: Vegan Foodie Edition with Doron Petersan of Sticky Fingers Bakery

Patriarchy and Eating Animals: Why Violence has No Place in the Vegan Movement

10 Questions for the director of Free From Harm Robert Grillo

13 Reasons Why I Am No Longer a Vegetarian

10 Questions for the Commander-In-Chief of the Girlie Girl Army, Chloé Jo Davis

Vegan Snark Attack!

10 Questions for cooking instructor and cookbook author Jennifer Cornbleet

Knock a leg from the meat industry's tripod

10 Questions: Vegan Foodie Edition for PhD and Cookbook Author Ricki Heller

Against Non-Human Animals: How Language Shapes Our Worlview

10 Questions for the Vegan RD, Ginny Messina

20 Years Vegan: How to Age Without Regret

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

How to go vegan without really trying

10 Questions for Bite Size Vegan founder Emily Moran Barwick

Introducing Do Good & Be Seen in 2015

10 Questions for journalist and author Mark Hawthrone

The Disgruntled Alphabet 2014

10 Questions for vegan mom and TV star Mayim Bialik

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