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Ten Questions for Vegan Rockstar Donna Zeigfinger
10 Questions, Vegan Rockstar Edition to the Vegan Tour Director from Green Earth Travel, Donna Zeigfinger

I met Donna Zeigfinger more than 15 years ago at the Animal Rights Conference in Washington, D.C. I don’t remember the specifics but I do remember being very impressed with this passionate and funny longtime vegan who’d recently launched her all-vegan travel agency, Green Earth Travel. In the years since,. this pioneering globe-trotter has helped to pave the way for a world that is much easier, more enjoyable and more accommodating for vegan travelers.

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Not a Witch Hunt

Not a Witch Hunt: A snapshot of abuse and disregard in the animal protection movement

There has long been a sense among animal protection activists that there is an exclusive, boy’s club attitude between the various large animal protection organizations as well as a history of — primarily men — climbing the ladder at one organization to leave and resume their ascent at another. More disturbing, a culture of harassment, sexism and gender bias has been alleged that seems more in keeping with the fabled Sterling Cooper ad agency of Mad Men than an animal advocacy organization, as well as apparently plenty of top tier people and boards of directors willing to look the other way.

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12 types of sh**ty vegans

Your Field Guide to 12 Shitty Types of Vegans to Avoid

I’ve been vegan for long enough that the shitty vegans become obvious pretty quickly, though it can be confusing and one person can have blurry or even multiple shitty identities. Please don’t take the following field guide as an excuse to dismiss veganism, though. Veganism is solid and kind and it will probably save the world. It’s just that vegans are still people and people can be, well, shitty.

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