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10 Questions for Nicole Sopko
10 Questions, Vegan Rockstar Edition for vegan food entrepreneur and yogi Nicole Sopko.

Nicole Sopko and her partner Dan Staackman run Upton’s Naturals, the seitan, jackfruit and vegan prepared meals company recently profiled in Crain’s Chicago Business, a business that seems to be on fire with success and growth right now. When she’s not doing her Upton’s work as Vice President, and helping to run the Plant Based Foods Association (of which she is a founding member and Secretary of the board), Nicole also runs not one, but two yoga studios and, again, not one, but two restaurants. I just got tired from typing all that out.

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Girl Disappearing

Girl Disappearing

When I was 13, I went on my first real diet. Not coincidentally, when I was 13 and then 14, I might have come close to killing myself. Needless but still important to say, this may be a sensitive subject for anyone whose life has been touched by an eating disorder.

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10 Questions for Vegan Street Fair founder Jessica Schoech

10 Questions, Vegan Rockstar Edition for the founder of LA's Vegan Street Fair, Jessica Schoech.

Jessica Schoech is the hardworking mastermind behind the ultra-successful annual events in Los Angeles, the bustling Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles and the more intimate Vegan Street Fair LA Nights, both of which celebrate the fabulous plant-based food available in the LA-area and beyond. In just a short time, Jessica has helped to breathe new life into the vegan festival scene, using her love for theme parks to help create a more streamlined experience for festival-goers, but all along emphasizing the joy, sense of celebration and inclusiveness that has become deeply-rooted to the Vegan Street Fair brand.

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