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Vegan Street Rockstar Interview with Lenore Braford
We interview Lenore Braford of Piedmont Farm Animal Rescue

Lenore Braford is the founder and shelter manager of Piedmont Farm Animal Rescue (PFAS) a sanctuary for farmed animals that was founded in 2012 and is located on 20 acres of pasture and wooded land just 20 minutes from downtown Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Offering more than 100 animals refuge and recently accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, awarded to those providing the highest level of humane and responsible care to animal residents, PFAS not only offers top quality care to the animals, but maintains a commitment to promoting compassionate living through weekly guided tours, vegan cooking classes, summer camps and other educational programs.

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10 Questions for Vegan Changemaker Nicole Miller.

We interview our latest Vegan Changemaker, Nicole Miller

Vegan Street is happy to feature the lovely Nicki Miller as this week's "Everyday Vegan Changemaker." A massage therapist and a yoga instructor, Nicki is a compassionate and dedicated healer who based out of San Diego with her Nicole Miller Massage practice, but she reminds everyone everywhere of how connecting with what you love with a sense of purpose makes you the best kind of example to others.

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An Open Letter for Back to School
An Open Letter for Back to School.

For anyone heading back to school who is "a little bit different" or the parent or loved one of such a person, this tells a story of one student's experience with bullies and ostracization as well as her ultimate redemption and the wisdom she gained in the process.

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Our Latest Vegan Street Meme
 We are approaching the end of industrial animal agriculture.

Our Latest Vegan Street Recipe

Banan Pumpkin Soft Serve

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