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About Our L'il Communications Company
About Our L'il Communications Company: Why Communication Matters...
So there is something kind of cool happening that has already been announced on our social media but I wanted to share here, too. John and I are launching our newest collaboration, Vegan Street Media, which is modeled on our work with but with the focus on helping vegan businesses, services, product lines and non-profits develop effective, memorable and innovative written and visual communications in our increasingly crowded online and consumer landscape.   Read On:

10 Questions for the Creator of the Illuminati Ball, Cynthia von Buhlow
10 Questions: Rockstar Edition with the creator of The Illuminati Ball, Cynthia von Buhlow
This week’s Vegan Rock Star is animal rescuer, multimedia artist, playwright, director and surrealism-enthusiast Cynthia von Buhler, a creative force of nature who builds immersive theatrical productions, most recently The Illuminati Ball, an homage and reinterpretation of a legendary surrealist dinner party from 1972. When not developing vegan surrealist immersive theatrical events, Cynthia is a children’s book author, visual artist, performer, and creator of some very cool cat things.
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The Art of Listening

The Art of Listening (or your allies are more important than your ego)
Years ago, I first became disillusioned with a vegan I once considered a hero because of the arrogant and condescending way that he dismissed anyone who disagreed with a term he created to describe our society’s confused and inconsistent treatment of other animals. Eventually, I could see that the traits that I once perceived as confidence and honesty could also be interpreted as cockiness and meanness. It wasn’t long before this man was no longer a hero to me.  Read On:

10 Questions for Natalie Slater

10 Questions: Foodie Edition with author and blogger at Bake & Destroy Natalie Slater
Have you ever met anyone who you’d expect be too cool for school because she’s so stylish and effortlessly fabulous but it turns out that she is all that groovy, she’s just not stuck up about it? That is Natalie Slater. A fellow Chicago girl, Natalie has built a name for herself with her very popular, ahead-of-its-time Bake and Destroy brand and website, where she shares about her love of vegan kitchen witchcraft and, you know, pro-wrestling because why not?
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Uninvited Vegan Nutrition Critics: You Need to Stop.

Uninvited Vegan Nutrition Critics: You Need to Stop.
Not that I asked for your opinion, but since you offered it, we should probably just have this conversation. I’ve brought it up before but maybe you need a reminder or you didn’t see it the first time. Or maybe I need to be more direct. In that case, let me cut to the chase: I don’t care what you think of my vegan food choices.  Read On:

10 Questions for author and illustrator Ruby Roth
10 Questions: Rockstar Edition with children's and cookbook author and illustrator Ruby Roth
How fabulous is Ruby Roth? I’m not sure how to quantify fabulousness but I’d say she’s pretty up there. Ruby is a talented artist and book author who burst on the scene in with her beautiful and poignant book, That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals in 2009. Ruby’s newest effort is a really exciting addition to her collection: The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids: 60 Easy Plant-Based Recipes Kids Can Make to Stay Healthy and Save the Earth.
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10 Questions for Ellen Kanner
10 Questions: Rockstar Edition with columnist, author and recipe creator Ellen Kanner
In addition to writing the popular Meatless Monday column on Huffington Post (recently featuring yours truly) and fabulous Edgy Veggie column in the Miami Herald, Ellen is the acclaimed author of Feeding the Hungry Ghost: Life, Faith, and What to Eat for Dinner - A Satisfying Diet for Unsatisfying Times, prolific recipe developer, coach and consultant and all-around cheerleader for everything vegan, green, healthy and compassionate in the world.
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What I Learned About the Free Speech Narrative at Donald Trump’s Rally in Chicago
What I Learned About the Free Speech Narrative at Donald Trump’s Rally in Chicago
A lot of people asked why I would want to go to what is essentially a monster truck rally for misplaced white rage and racial anxiety. I wanted to go because I wanted to see it – particularly the whole strange spectacle around Donald Trump – with my own eyes in person. It seemed like such an obvious answer: how could I not want to see it?  Read On:

In Search of Lost Loopholes
In Search of Lost Loopholes
Loopholes are handy moral clauses that allow you an exit strategy from something that you know you should do but would prefer not to do or a justification for behavior that, in your heart of hearts, you know is immoral. I know all about loopholes as I have been an expert at scoping them out since my earliest recollections.   Read On:

10 Questions for Sherry Milford O'Piebird and Jan Piebird
10 Questions: Rockstar Edition with Piebird Animal Sanctuary and Farmstay's Sherry Milford  o'Piebird and Jan Piebird
These two. These two. For serious. They are the best. Sherry Milford o’Piebird and Yan Piebird entered my life a couple of years ago when Sherry posted what must be the most perfect video ever made on the Vegan Street Facebook page; it is the most perfect video because it contains rescued goats, vegan pie and fun, happy people who just happen to run what may be the world’s most freaking adorable refuge, Piebird Farmstay and Sanctuary, 3 hours north of Toronto in Nipissing, Ontario. Really flipping happy, adorable perfection.
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10 Diametrically Oppositional Arguments Against Veganism that Make My Head Explode
10 Diametrically Oppositional Arguments Against Veganism that Make My Head Explode
One of the more maddening aspects of interacting with the public about our veganism is the strange but very common phenomenon of being asked to accept two diametrically opposed ideas and beliefs as accurate or true. In the grasping-at-straws that regularly occurs when people attempt to make peace with their conflicted feelings about eating animals, they are trying to reconcile liking the way something tastes and wanting to continue the practice of eating it with not liking what it says about them to be complicit in the violence that consuming those animals necessitates. This is a big part of why vegans experience so much public push back, often when we are not even engaging in debate.   Read On:

10 Questions: Foodie Edition with Stanford Inn by the Sea co-owner Jeff Stanford

Vegan Food Owes You Nothing.

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition with Our Hen House podcatser and author Jasmin Singer

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition with activist and Plant Peace Daily Co-founder Rae Sikora

How to Break Your Vegan Resolution

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